Become a Financial Adviser

As a Financial Adviser, you are responsible in helping your clients:

✔ Create a well-thought, realistic, and actionable financial plan.
✔ Choose the right investment instruments that will allow your clients to reach their important life and financial goals.
✔ Review and update their financial plan to ensure its relevance and sufficiency in the years to come.

In return, you will enjoy the benefits of your hard work:

✔ Unlimited Income
✔ Travel Incentives
✔ Monetary Bonuses
✔ And Many More!

That will enable you to...

Experience Life

✔ Roam around the country
✔ Visit the world
✔ Experience other people's culture

Create Your Dream Life

✔ Build and provide for your own family
✔ Discover and enjoy a hobby
✔ Buy your own house
✔ Drive your own car
✔ Be financially secured

Build Your Dream Career

✔ Get licensed by the Insurance Commission
✔ Get certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission
✔ Become a Registered Financial Planner
✔ And help Filipinos build their own wealth

How to Become a Licensed Financial Adviser

Step 1: Interview with Alfred Cardenas, CIS.
Step 2: Complete online/classroom training sessions.
Step 3: Take and pass the Insurance Commission examinations.
Step 4: Submit all needed requirements.
Final Step: Once you receive your Financial Adviser Code, you can begin your rewarding career as a Licensed Financial Adviser!

Join my growing team and become one of the country's top Financial Advisers! Fill up the form to begin your journey to a new and rewarding career:


I understand that this is a commission-only career.

I am willing to shoulder all licensing charges and fees (estimated ₱3,000.00+).

I am willing to undergo online and classroom training and examinations.

I am willing to provide my own iPad and other tools needed for the job.