Is He or She the Right Financial Adviser for You? Ask These Two Questions

There are hundreds of new financial advisers who are entering the industry every year. Their goals and missions vary. Some became financial advisers for the money. Some love the flexibility of the job. A few became one to genuinely help their clients achieve their financial goals.

And because we all have limited time, you can't afford to create a financial plan that is doomed from the start most especially if you got started in managing your wealth a little late.

So, how can you choose the right financial adviser for you?

1. Ask the reason why they became a financial adviser.

This could come as a surprise to some financial advisers. Most of us prepare for every meeting expecting that you, as our client, will ask questions about your financial plan and the company and products we represent.

Asking their "why" will enable you to gauge whether they have a genuine reason for helping you secure your financial future. If you discover that the financial adviser in front of you is in it for the commission, find another one.

2. Ask about their personal finances.

Don't hesitate to ask your financial advisers about their personal finances. How could you expect them to lead you to financial security if their own finances are a mess? Ask how they earn. Do they have their own businesses and investments? Have they already secured their own house? Do they drive their own car? Do they travel when they get the chance? Are they already preparing for their retirement?

Those are the common goals and aspirations of every one of us. We all want to have multiple income streams. We all want our own house we can call a home. We all want to drive our own cars. We all want to see and discover the world. We all want to have a comfortable and abundant retirement.

The intention of your financial adviser is vital in achieving your financial goals and aspirations. Discovering why they are helping you and how they are managing their own finances is important to determine if he or she is the right financial adviser that will lead you to financial success and security.

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